Sorry, Not Sorry

To my second child
I was too old to conceive.
To my first who will not
always think him or her
To the piano for leaving
whatever potential untuned.
To my head for failing
to lower the volume
on my heart.
To the miracle of mortgage
For not co-operating with it.
To my occupation
My poor sense of direction.
To my lack of loyalty
to loyalty cards, which
to my credit
card, is past its expiration.
To the pension
not given planning permission
from the authority local to my logic.

Terms and Conditions apply:

To the rapidfiredvoiced offer
(of which only 16% percent variable was audible)
for my interest-free indifference.
To my ovaries for re-directing thousands
away from one eternal hope.
To the linear life
for over-taking it on the inside lane
along the A-drift.
To my heart for
occasionally forcing it to concede victory
in the arm-wrestle
with my head.

Finally, to The Non-Conformittee:
A letter of resignation from one
No longer fugitive or fleeing.